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More about the fund

Our investment focus: European companies with revaluation potential

This equity fund invests in eurozone companies that the fund management team believes to be trading at a sizeable discount to their intrinsic value. The team selects companies with sound fundamentals, solid business models and strong management. The equity fund combines a broad range of value-oriented strategies, including conventional value-oriented investment, an event-driven and a contrarian approach. The strategy also includes companies with substantial valuation discounts relative to their peers (deep value).

Our investment strategy: long-term growth through sustainable investment

MainFirst Euro Value Stars pursues a value investing approach. This means that the fund management team invests primarily in undervalued companies with a solid business model and management that focuses on sustainability.

What is important: There has to be a real chance of revaluation in order to generate a reasonable return. The process involved in selecting suitable companies takes both qualitative and quantitative factors into account.

MainFirst Euro Value Stars invests in companies that are currently undervalued, the aim being to achieve capital growth in the medium to long term.